A New Institute Within the University of Louisville, Developing Integrated Knowledge of the Environmental Determinants Of Health.

A New Vision of Health

An Overview

Our Mission

The Envirome Institute pioneers a new, interdependent vision of health, supports research on the effects of the environment on health, and promotes holistic scholarship, locally and globally.

Within the University of Louisville, the Institute develops new infrastructure for transdisciplinary knowledge, bridging academic research with community engagement It transforms the city of Louisville into an urban laboratory and establishes the University as a repository of knowledge about the envirome.

The Envirome Institute offers global leadership in developing new models of living by making decisions through the lens of health.

Our Vision

The Envirome Institute will lead the scientific inquiry beyond genomics into human-environment interrelationships based on an expanded vision of health. Learn more about our centers below.

Center for Healthy Air Water & Soil
Superfund Basic Research Program
Diabetes and Obesity Research Center
Tobacco Regulation and Addiction Center
Center for Integrative Environmental Health Science
Center for Environmental Policy and Management
Center for Environmental and Occupational Health Science

Understanding the connection between the world around us, and the world within us.

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Aruni Bhatnagar, Ph.D., FAHA

The Smith Lucille Gibson Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville, Bhatnagar, newly appointed director of the Envirome Institute, is a senior member of the Institute of Molecular Cardiology, and former Director and co-Director of two University of Louisville centers which now fall under his leadership within the Envirome Institute, the Diabetes and Obesity Center and the American Heart Association Tobacco Research and Addiction Center, respectively.

 Dr. Bhatnagar’s work has led to the creation of the new field of environmental cardiology. His studies how pollution affects the heart and blood vessel and how exposure to polluted air affects the risk of obesity and diabetes. His research is supported by several grants from the National Institutes of Health. 

Christina (Christy) Brown

Christy, a global leader, advocates for a culture of health using nature as the standard. She empowers “citizen scientists” to lead healthier lives and encourages decisions to be made through the lens of health. She believes passionately in the potential of urban and rural communities to effect positive change by working together. Christy’s passion for community led her to become a co-founding board member of the Berry Center, who advocates for farmers, land-conserving communities, and healthy regional economies.

With her understanding that air, water, and soil are keys to healthy living, Christy founded the Institute for Healthy Air, Water & Soil. The Institute has begun to attract local and national ambassadors, and with that will transition into the newly founded Center for Healthy Air, Water & Soil.

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